Moving House

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Our school had agreed to move us to bigger housing after only 8 months and three letters to the management, and the day had finally come. Anne had arranged for two trucks, which the Koreans call bongos. She had also booked an elevator truck. In Korea, a land of high-rise apartments with small elevators, people move all their stuff out the window and down on special elevators. Anne had also got two university students to come over and help us move.

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The two university students we paid to help us.

We had planned to start at 10:00, and the elevator truck arrived, there were no bongos, so the elevator truck left again. We had already packed most of our stuff into crates that the moving company had dropped off a couple of days before, and it was frustrating to watch the elevator truck leave, and then wait for almost a whole hour before the bongos finally showed up.

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The first truck arrives.

Mr Ahn, the supervisor at my school also came to help, and he organised the loading of the lift platform and directed the two students. He seemed to be completely fearless, at time standing out on the platform. I didn't want to look. If he fell, he would certainly have died.

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Mr Ahn loads the elevator, which descends to the bongos below.
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I didn't realise we had so much stuff. I was very glad that I'd moved some over the day before, otherwise two trucks just wouldn't have done it. It took about an hour of ups and downs to get all the stuff out the window and onto the trucks. The students and Mr Ahn working at the top, the truck drivers working at the bottom and Anne and I filling crates to be moved.

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All our stuff, loaded onto the two trucks.

Everybody left for the new apartment, and I stayed to do the final clean on the old one. Then it was over to the new apartment, with about a week's worth of unpacking and sorting to do.... For a look at our new apartment, see my first apartment it's almost the same.