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I guess that’s it then…

March 5, 2009 by LostRambler

I suspect that as I now work with computers, I don’t want to have such a computer-intensive hobby any more.  That’s why I haven’t posted in over a year, though I have been sporadically working on the rewrite of the site…

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Development Update

January 6, 2008 by LostRambler

I was able to get about a quarter of the work done to relaunch the site last week, but since then we’ve all become sick.  As I’m the least sick in the family, I’m tied up with looking after everyone else.

It may be a while before normal service resumes.

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Watch This Space

December 23, 2007 by LostRambler

I’ve decided to give up bl0gging with blog software.  I’m going back to my own content management system.  I simply got frustrated with not being able to do some of the things I could do easily before.

So, I’m going to relaunch my website soon.

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Nothing to see here

December 1, 2007 by LostRambler

I have just been so busy at work and at home that I’ve had no time for fun. This is the first time time I’ve had five minutes of peace as everybody is in bed taking a nap.

So, without much to say, let me take a page from Paul’s book and just post a link to a clip I enjoyed recently:

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