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A Korean Room

September 22, 2007 by LostRambler

I went to London on Wednesday for a meeting. I couldn’t believe the price of a peak time day return. Over £50! The meeting went well. It was at the University of London, and we were almost finished by lunchtime, so decided to work through. I left at around 3pm really, really hungry.

I decided to wander back to the tube in a random direction (you can always find a tube station by walking in a random direction in central London) so as to see a little of the city. Would you believe I stumbled upon the back entrance of the British Museum. A Korean exhibition room was signposted, so I checked it out.

Korean Pots

It was full of Korean things. Imagine that, a little bit of Korea in the middle of London.

I decided I had to get home, so I walked through the museum to the front and out to find lunch (a spectaular burger) and a tube station (where I met a colleague by random chance).

My journey from the back of the museum to the front took me from a small door surrounded by small galleries through progressively bigger and grander spaces, until the main entrance hallway was reached. This was one of the biggest and grandest rooms I’d ever been in. Exiting, the front was a huge columned facade that was grander than the entrance hallway. I recommend everyone go through the museum like this. I would imagine going through in the right way would mean every room is slightly less than the previous, which doesn’t seem like as much fun to me.

The experience left me hungry for more as aside from the Korean room, I saw glimpses of the what could be seen.

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August 8, 2007 by LostRambler

I drove to Northampton today for a business meeting. It was nice to get out of Southampton. I took my camera along with the intention of taking some pictures on the way home, but the only thing I found of interest was the Express Lift Tower.

The Express Lift Tower

This must surely be the home of a powerful wizard.

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