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On Potty Training

November 15, 2007 by LostRambler

The wife decided a couple of weeks ago that the time was ripe to potty train the son.  Firstly, we needed to teach him some new words.  It wasn’t long before he connected the words ‘wee-wee’ and ‘poo-poo’ with the concepts.

Next was to teach him how to use the potty.  Initially this meant just sitting him on the potty and turning on the TV, then showing him the contents after half an hour (pointing out enthusiastically which part was wee-wee and which was poo-poo, while preventing him from playing with them).

The current task is now to get him to anticipate his bodily functions.  There has been mixed progress on this.   Sometimes he just doesn’t want to sit on the potty, and if there’s something interesting going on he only notices the wee-wee as it’s running down his leg.  When that happens, he gets quite agitated and runs around shouting “wee-wee, wee-wee”, leaving a trail of unpleasant liquid in his wake.  We can usually get him on his potty before too much mess is made.

This would be of little real consequence (we have disinfectant) if it weren’t for the fact that the daughter is now crawling and loves to follow the son around the house.  She also grabs things and puts them in her mouth.

It’s a disgusting disaster just waiting to happen.

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Hetty Develops

October 27, 2007 by LostRambler

You know, one day you have a brand new baby, and then suddenly they’re crawling around, making a mess and trying to grab your camera.

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Saturday morning passtime

October 1, 2007 by LostRambler

On Saturday mornings, when we get up early enough, the wife and I bundle the kids into the car and head off to Shootash, just outside of Romsey, a pleasant 20 minute drve down the country lanes to the west of Southampton.

The reason we go to Shootash is that there is a car-boot sale there. For those international readers who may not be familiar with this traditional English event, imagine a field full of cars, arranged in rows. Behind each car there is a table full of the stuff which the owner of the car is selling. The place has an air of festival about it; there will be at least one fast-food van selling burgers and hot-dogs and at least one ice-cream van. At a good boot sale there will be a mix of traders (who make their money by buying and selling junk) and people who have had a clear-out and want to make a little holiday money.  We far prefer the latter as you pick up almost anything for pennies.

Car Boot Sale

We love the sales for two reasons. Firstly it’s nearly free entertainment (there’s a very small entrance fee): Nosily raking through other people’s junk is fantastic fun. Secondly, we usually find something we need. Among our best purchases have been a trampoline for the son, garden-grown vegetables and more baby clothes than you could shake a stick at.

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Another one…

September 14, 2007 by LostRambler

I have another nephew. This is nephew number five for me. He’s having some minor difficulties in feeding, hence the IV and feeding tube.

Little Cahner

His birth-weight was 3.24kg (7lb 2oz), and aside from a little trouble starting to feed, both Mother and baby are doing really well.

Cahner, Mummy and Daddy

It’s really nice to have another baby in the extended family. My mother now has 10 grandchildren!

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Quantum baby

September 14, 2007 by LostRambler

Well, my household is all healthy again. The son is consistently sleeping through the night, the wife’s tonsillitis is now all better and the daughter is, as always, a smiling bundle of joy. We though the son was an easy baby, but the daughter has set the new standard. She’s all smiles, and when she cries (which is extremely rare anyway) all it takes is a little cuddle to get her to stop.

She’s also learning to crawl, or at least we think she is. I say that because we’ve never seen her move. When we’re looking at her she lays on the floor quite happily, kicking and waving with great gusto and an absolute absence of locomotion. She will quite happily stay in one place grasping for toys that are just out of our reach all the time our eyes are on her.

If we then watch TV for a minute, pop to the toilet, stir a pot on the stove, get a drink from the fridge or even blink, the next time we look at the daughter, she will be in a completely different part of the room, in a completely different position.

But we’ll never see her move.

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What a mess

September 5, 2007 by LostRambler

The son has a really nasty chest infection for which he is on antibiotics. He’s been ill for over a week, and is not eating. He has shrunk a nappy size. We’re very worried. He coughs all through the night and wakes himself up. He has trouble going to sleep.

The last one I can do something about. I usually sit in his room and do something on my laptop while he falls asleep. Today I thought about clearing up my desktop. I didn’t have time. I did take this picture of it. Would you believe there are 218 icons on my desktop. I really should be more organised.

My Desktop

By the time I had arranged them for the picture (no mean feat), the son was fast asleep.

Mission accomplished.

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So go the nights…

August 29, 2007 by LostRambler

Two nights ago I slept badly. The son kept wandering into our room at all hours of the night. I put him back to bed three times, then gave up and slept the rest of the night on the very small sofa in his room. I got up stiff, tired and irritable.

Last night, I had barely fallen asleep when the son started crying. I went to check on him and found he was hot to the touch. I undressed him, gave him some paracetamol, sponged him down and rooted around in the house for our thermometer. He was running a fever of 39.2, and that was after I had worked for 20 minutes on cooling him down!

I still get freaked out when the kids get sick, so I took him to the local hospital’s A&E department. The triage nurse measured his temperature (38.2), gave him some ibuprofen, then sent us to wait in the children’s waiting room.

About three hours passed.

The son’s normal temperature returned almost immediately, and with it came his usual upbeat personality. He spent the whole time doing anything energetic he could think of. He ran around, pushed his pushchair, played with the toys, pressed the buttons on the vending machine, climbed on and over the chairs and pushed me around in a wheelchair, all the time making loud and happy noises.

I spent the whole time trying not to fall asleep.

When we were called through, the Doctor took the son’s temperature (perfectly healthy), checked his ears and throat (perfectly healthy) and said that it was probably a virus and just ‘one of those things that children get’. We were sent home with some ibuprofen.

We arrived back at about 3:30am, and I collapsed into bed and fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning, I was not awoken by the wife. She, sweetheart that she is, tiptoed around the house all morning. I was not awoken by the son, who is quite content if the TV is on. I was not awoken by the daughter, who is generally a quiet baby anyway.

What woke me up was the digging up of the road outside my bedroom window. There’s nothing like the sound of a pneumatic drill to shake away the cobwebs.

So, it’s 9:15pm, and I find myself once more sitting outside the son’s room waiting for him to go asleep. All that’s really on my mind is getting to bed myself, and the hope that the night will gift me with at least six solid hours of deep, uninterrupted, beautiful sleep.

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For the relatives

August 19, 2007 by LostRambler

Here’s the most recent video of the family, picking tomatoes in the garden and jumping around in the kitchen.

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August 14, 2007 by LostRambler

I may have been woken up by my son last night. I may not have. He’s been waking up a lot, and I’ve been putting him back to bed a lot. Sometimes I fall asleep on his bedroom floor while I’m waiting for him to go back to sleep. Then either my wife will wake me up and tell me to come back to bed or I’ll wake myself up and stumble, stiff and uncomfortable, back to bed.

The thing is, this may have happened last night, but I’m just not sure. It’s hard to work out which nights I do things on because they all blur into each other.

I guess I probably did, because I’m really tired today.

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Big brotherlyness starts early

August 6, 2007 by LostRambler

The wife and daughter came home from the hospital today. The son was as pleased as punch. He ran around the house being joyfully chaotic. I knew very well how much he missed his mummy, but it was extremely touching to see that he missed his little sister too. When the wife put the daughter down into the pram we keep in the kitchen, the son thoughtfully went into the living room, collected his favorite teddy and carefully placed it on top of her. He then climbed on a chair and tried to rock her to sleep.

It’s moments like that that make being a parent worth it.

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